Kennett Area Democrats

We are a healthy and growing organization, with ambitious plans to do more for our candidates, and to have a highly effective and visible office in 2016. That takes $$. Our new club within KAD is meant to supplement the contributions that we already receive from many of you. 
Any voter who donates $120 or more during the remainder of 2015 is “in”. 
Our first event has been planned for Monday October 5, 6:30-8:30 pm Nancy’s Arnosti's home, 104 Burrows Mill Road. Candidates will supply “call lists”: you can choose where and for whom you make calls. A “Donald Trump Piñata” will provide inspiration, and guaranteed laughs. 

Fall Election 2015

How important is your vote?

Yes, it's just a local election, and yes, who knows who all those candidates are anyway. But here are some important reasons why voting on Nov 3 is important:

  • Hate Gerrymandering? Vote more Dems onto the PA Supreme Coourt
  • Want more voice in County government? Vote Dems into County row offices.
  • Want to stop shenanigans in township government? Vote in More Dems.


for a complete list of Democratic Candidates

KAD Blue Star Club

Click the button to join the KAD Blue Star Club. See you on October 5th!