Kennett Area Democrats

KAD Election Office Announced

Mark Your Calendar

KAD Election Office Grand

Opening Celebreation


Sunday, July 24, 1-4pm

119 East Linden Street, Kennett Square
(opposite the entrance to the parking garage)

Meet our great candidates
food - music - games

KAD is pleased to announce our 2016 Election Office.

Learn More About Online Registration

Located at 119 East Linden Street in Kennett Square, opposite the entrance to the parking garage, our office has the perfect central location for all of our election activities. Click here for details...

Click the button to join the KAD Blue Star Club and get your free tote bag. 

We are a healthy and growing organization, with ambitious plans to do more for our candidates, and to have a highly effective and visible office in 2016. That takes $$. Our new club within KAD is meant to supplement the contributions that we already receive from many of you. Any voter who donates $120 or more during the remainder of 2015 is “in”. 

KAD Blue Star Club