Kennett Area Democrats

Hon. Kevin Dougherty

Judge - PA Supreme Court

Keynote Speaker

Annual Joint Fundraising Dinner with OxGrove was Memorable

From the Donald Trump pinata to the scrumptious buffet dinner, the 2015 joint fundraiser was another great success. There were some fabulous items for sale in the silent auction, and folks were engaging in bidding wars throughout the room.

Judge Kevin Dougherty gave a real stem-winder speech in which he pointed to the need for judges to help stand up for kids in trouble and get them onto the right path, and for protecting the rights and needs of our veterans. We gotta vote for this guy!

It would appear that this dinner is fast becoming an annual staple for area Democrats, and we need to keep building on it.

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Good Weather, Good Results

Tuesday heralded a potential shift in business as usual in Pennsylvania!  Democratic judicial candidates swept all five races sending a signal to Harrisburg that oversight and balance is now a mandate of the people. 

From the State Supreme Court, to the Kennett Square Borough to the Kennett Township, Dems made major inroads...


It Was a Good Day for Dems!

We are a healthy and growing organization, with ambitious plans to do more for our candidates, and to have a highly effective and visible office in 2016. That takes $$. Our new club within KAD is meant to supplement the contributions that we already receive from many of you. Any voter who donates $120 or more during the remainder of 2015 is β€œin”. 

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