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Summer Fundraiser- OxGrove and KAD 

June 10 at 2:00 PM

580 Woodview Rd. Avondale, PA

Introduction to KAD

You will not believe what our great design team has come up with for you to wear around town and at political events! Check out our 2017-18 fashions here:  

All profits go to KAD and our programs... 


KAD has created a Rapid Response Program that helps our local constituents participate in events and activities that target politicians, administrations and legislatures that are planning activities that may undermine our democracy and our way of life.

Beginning with email alerts and Facebook stories, our team will be sending out important notices for your use. Those notices, plus more detail will also be displayed in this website.

​To access the information, click this button:

Healthcare Meeting - Thursday June 22, 7:00 PM

Important Events

Click the button to join the KAD Blue Star Club and get your free tote bag. 

We are a healthy and growing organization, with ambitious plans to do more for our candidates, and to have a highly effective and visible office in 2016. That takes $$. Our new club within KAD is meant to supplement the contributions that we already receive from many of you. Any voter who donates $120 or more during the remainder of 2016 is “in”. 

KAD Blue Star Club