Kennett Area Democrats

Congratulations and Thanks

KAD congratulates all the primary winners in the April 26th primary election.
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We know a lot of hard work and a great deal of time  and money was spent in the campaigns,  and all of us at KAD appreciate your efforts on behalf of all the Democratic candidates.

We also want to acknowledge and thank all those who worked the polls to assist Democratic voters in fully understanding the issues with delegate questions, the special election,  and ballot initiatives. It was gratifying to see so many of our voters with sample ballots in hand that had been printed from our website or from our email campaigns. We will keep these tools well honed for use in November.

Speaking of November,  we will now begin efforts to energize the Democratic base, and independent voters to come over to the Democratic side this Fall.  Now is the time to begin talking with your  neighbors and start building a big turnout in November. 

A great big THANKS to all of you who have chipped in to make this so successful. Also, a big thanks to our intrepid officers, Dick Bingham and Wayne Braffman for their major donations in matching funds to build the total even higher.

Thanks to the generosity of all our KAD friends, this effort has raised over $10,000!

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We are a healthy and growing organization, with ambitious plans to do more for our candidates, and to have a highly effective and visible office in 2016. That takes $$. Our new club within KAD is meant to supplement the contributions that we already receive from many of you. Any voter who donates $120 or more during the remainder of 2015 is “in”. 

KAD Blue Star Club

Now that the final tally is complete, it is safe to say that this has been a record-breaking fundraiser for KAD. This puts us into the position to have a significant presence in our communities in the Fall, and will help us in getting all Dems, and quite a few disaffected independents and Republicans to support our candidates in November.

Officers' Challenge

​Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!