Find Your Sample Ballot Here...

Because of the many different races and other ballot initiatives, ballots may differ from precinct to precinct. To view your ballot, look for the button below with your precinct number and name on it. Click the button and the ballot will be displayed in a separate window. From there you can print it out if desired. All ballots have two sides, so be sure and review both.

If you need help in locating your precinct information, please visit...

​Precinct                                     Precinct Location
010 Avondale                         Avondale Borough Hall, 110 Pomeroy Av
305 Kennett Square North   Kennett Friends Mtg, N Union & Sickle Sts
310 Kennett Square S-1        K Sq Presbeturian Church, 211 S Broad St
315 Kennett Square S-2        Mary Lang Elem Sch, 409 Center St
320 Kennett Twp 1                Kennett Township Bldg, 801 Burrows Run Rd
325 Kennett Twp 2                Episcopal Ch of Advent, 401 N Union St
328 Kennett Twp 3                Kendall at Longwood Aud, 1109 E Baltimore Pk
329 Kennett Twp 4                Greenwood Elem Sch, 420 Greenwood Rd
330 London Britain              West Grove Firehouse, 101 Walnut St, WGr
355 East Marlborough E      Patton Middle Sch, 760 Unionville Rd
356 East Marlborough S      K Sq Baptist Church, 408 Bayard Rd
360 East Marlborough W     Willowdale Chapel
365 West Marlborough W    Marlborough Twp Bldg, 1300 Doe Run Rd
385 New Garden North        Bancroft Elem Sch, 181 Bancroft Rd
390 New Garden South 1     New Garden Twp Bldg, 299 Starr Rd
391 New Garden South 2     Kennett Middle Sch, 195 Sunny Dell Rd
400 Newlin                             Newlin Twp Bldg, 1751 Embreeville Rd
453 Pennsbury North 1        Crosslands Wm Penn Rm, 1660 E Street Rd
454 Pennsbury North 2        Chadds Ford Elem Sch, 3 Baltimore Pike
456 Pennsbury South 1        Pennsbury Twp Bldg, 702 Baltimore Pike
457 Pennsbury South 2        Hillendale Elem Sch, 1850 Hillendale Rd
530 Pocopson                       Pocopson Home, 1695 Lenape Rd